Our vine variety and the wine

Behind each bottle of wine there is passion handed down from generation to generation

The Podere’s philosophy is oriented toward a niche market: few bottles but of high quality.

The vine breeding and pruining system adopted both for white and red vine variety is “simple Guyot”: the pruner removes all the leaves of the plant except for a branch raised in the previous year and a smaller part consisting of two or three buds, called spurs. Guyot pruning ensures good aeration and an excellent exposure of the leaves to obtain the best grapes.

The main vine variety in the vineyard is the Catarratto an indigenous variety, the symbol of Sicilian tradition, typical of in the territory near Trapani. Donna Ida wine comes from these vines planted more than 40 years ago. Donna Ida is made with 100% Catarratto grapes, harvested during the third week of September. This delicate white wine is characterized by the high acidity that influences the aromatic and tasteful freshness.

The red vine variety coltivated in the Podere is the Nero d’Avola, one of the most renowned red grape varieties grown in Sicily. The Nero d'Avola vineyard has lush plants, younger than Catarratto, which find their utmost expression in Maestro Vito, a wine entirely made from this vine variety; complex, harmonious and surprisingly rich

The time of harvest is determined primarily by the ripeness of the grape as measured by sugar, acid and tannin levels. These factors will determine the style of wine to produce. The harvest of the grapes, that will be transformed in wine, is done exclusively by hand, in this way workers are able to select just some plants, and obviously the best grapes that will be harvested and stored in tanks where the vinification process starts.

Maestro Vito

A nero d'Avola wine born in the Trapani valleys close to the majestic temple of Segesta. This very intense ruby red wine with a pleasantly fruity aroma of cherry, cames from a high selection of grapes made during the harvest.

Donna Ida

A fruity white wine Coming from vines over 40 years, each grape is carefully selected in the vineyard to be then worked and become Donna Ida, a fragrant, delicate, fine-grained wine.

Every bottle preserves the result of the grapes grown exclusively in our vineyards.

The​ sicilian extra virgin olive oil


The farm estate Podere Messina, is just a short walk from the archaeological site of Segesta. It emerges from a picturesque natural landscape, in the soft and winding hills of the Trapani valleys, 400 meters above sea level.

The sea breeze and the gentle hikes in August and September allow a slow and regular maturation of the grapes, helping to create an adequate concentration of sugars and polyphenolic substances which, while maintaining high acidity, give balance to the wines.

Since 1953, Vito Messina, a man linked inextricably with the tradition of his Sicily, with his wife Ida, carries on the farm life of the estate. In the 1980s, the witness passed into the hands of his daughter Claudia, who with her husband, with enthusiasm and ability, has brought and today continues an important tradition. It is with the latest generation however, thanks to the intuition of the only nephew of Vito, Roberta, the estate Podere Messina makes a step forward by opening the doors to the Sicilian wines market. Production is limited to a few bottles but of the highest quality, selecting only some of the best plants, whose fruits are then dedicated to winemaking.

So the first two labels, Master Vito and Donna Ida, are born. They want to be a tribute to the "grandparents" who donated that wealth.

Today, the 32 hectares are cultivated following the dictates of organic farming. Cultivation of the vines with native varieties such as Catarratto, Zibibbo, Nero d'Avola D.O.C and Frappato is coupled with the production of extra virgin olive oil derived from typical cultivars of the Trapani valleys, including Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola.

Through our products we recount history tradition and magic halo of Segesta


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